Research Interests: design management,  strategic design, design-led innovation, and practice theory in design


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On behalf of the İTÜ Industrial Design Department, I conducted design management consultancy between 4 industrial designers and 4 companies in the new product design projects for 4 months. In this project, I have combined my design skills and academic knowledge. The project was part of a “Financial Support Program Towards the Nonprofit Institutions of Creative Industries in Development” supported by ISO and ISTKA. All four projects were completed successfully and prototypes were displayed at exhibitions and in newspapers.

      The scope of the project:

“2012- Financial Support Program Towards the Nonprofit Institutions of Creative Industries Development “KOBİ’ler ve Yeni Mezun Tasarımcıların Bir Araya Getirilmesine Yönelik Web Bazlı Eşleştirme ve Danışmanlık Sistemi Geliştirilmesi”, July 2011-July 2012, İSTKA (İstanbul Kalkınma Ajansı) and İSO cooperation.”


Participation to the ‘Rethinking Food: The Creativity of Entrepreneurship Workshop’ held in İstanbul, Turkey on 3-6 October 2017. Presented by Robert Gordon University and Özyeğin University. A new business model, which aims to facilitate accessing local foods, following its production processes and allowing to indicate its value chain, was designed by our team using service design principles.