Desıgn Management – PhD Thesıs


Istanbul Techincal University, Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology, Department of Industrial Product Design, Supervisor Prof. Dr. Özlem Er

Design management (DM) capability development is significant in securing a competitive position in the global commercial market. However, intentionally or otherwise, companies integrate DM into their businesses at different levels. Integrating into Global Value Chains (GVCs), constitutes a fast track strategy for Latecomer Firms. Latecomer firms (LCFs) operating in the emerging economies, on the other hand, tend to follow a gradual upgrading trajectory and develop their DM capability concurrently with their manufacturing and technological capabilities. Participating in the geographically fragmented activities of Global Value Chains (GVCs) has provided LCFs with an opportunity to develop their manufacturing, DM, and brand building capabilities. In following an upgrading trajectory in GVCs, LCFs have pursued three particular business strategies utilizing certain levels of DM capabilities.

In moving upward along the GVCs, OEM (original equipment manufacturer), ODM (original design manufacturer) and OBM (original brand manufacturer) business models require different levels of design management capabilities. Developing and deploying industrial design capability as a dynamic capability in the business can increase competitiveness and enable functional upgrading through effective, economic and value-added products that meet user and market needs. There are two main outcomes of the PhD thesis; theoretical framework and research findings:

Firstly, to point out the linkage between business strategies commonly followed in GVCs and DM capability levels of companies, we propose a new assessment approach: “Design Management Capability Framework in GVCs”.

Secondly, the design management capabilities of OEM/ODM/OBM companies were investigated by conducting three case studies performing in white goods sector in Turkey. The qualifications of different levels of design management capabilities are identified according to the business strategies of the companies pursued in GVCs.

Desıgn Management – Master Thesıs


Istanbul Techincal University, Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology, Department of Industrial Product Design, Supervisor Prof. Dr. Özlem Er

The master thesis, “Investigating the Effects of Organizational Culture on the New Product Design Understanding and Structuring of Companies, By Using ‘Design Audit Tools’” has focused on evaluating the organizational culture that performs a major framework for all activities within the company by directing and effecting all behaviours, attitudes, relationships and working styles. According to the subjects of organizational culture, design audits are investigated in order to identify gaps between current and desired performance and provide information for the necessity of developing action plans to increase the performance in many activity areas of companies or businesses. As a result the comprehensive research, I became one of the writers of a design management report as “Competitive Strategy Series 13” published by TÜSİAD and I published a paper in the 4. National Design Conference “Tasarım ve ya Kriz” held by İTÜ in 2009.

Cultural Approaches to Desıgn

In the cultural research, we study on an amulet-based commodity “evil eye bead” used against evil eye and for ornament in Turkey. The semantic dimensions of evil eye bead was analyzed in the myth level encompassing its perception and function as a cultural opponent act.

Türkmenoğlu Berkan, S. and Tuncer Manzakoğlu, B. (2016). Evil Eye Belief in Turkish Culture: Myth of Evil Eye Bead. The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication, 6(2), 193–204.

Desıgn Hıstory

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Gaining diversified knowledge in the different design research areas ‘design management, cultural studies and design history’ provides a large perspective and creativity in developing innovative ideas as a lecturer and designer in the consultancy works.