Assistant Professor at Bahçeşehir University, Industrial Design Department, 2018-…

Instructor at Bahçeşehir University, Industrial Design Department, part-time. Teaching lessons: “Technical Drawing I and II; Yacht Design”, 2017.

Instructor at Beykent University, Industrial Design Department, part-time. Teaching lessons: “Industrial Design Studio II, III and IV”, “Computer Aided Design”, 2015-2017.

Instructor at Işık University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Industrial Design Department. Teaching lessons: “Industrial Design Studio III”, “Yacht Design I”, “Yacht Design II”, “Computer Aided Design”, “Portfolio Design”, 2009-2016.

Instructor at İTÜ Industrial Design Department, interdisciplinary “Yacht Design” class. We initiate the programme with Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department at İTÜ, 2011-2012.


In the “Industrial Design Studio” classes, students are expected to learn industrial design process, design research, developing creative ideas, design thinking, technical adaptation, sketching techniques within the context of developing innovative products, services and systems.

Portfolio Design” is a kind of identity design needed to be considered within the consistent concept of logo, card, cv, digital and hardcopy portfolio. Students are informed about ‘colour, meaning and form’, ‘cv writing and cv types’, ‘typography’, ‘grid systems’, ‘preparing digital and hard copy documents’and ‘presentation’.

Yacht Design I’ course consists of  two sections. First section involves a theoretical education focusing on styling, ergonomy and yacht geometry (line drawings of naval architecture) with these subjects: “Introduction to Yacht Design (Unit of measures, scales, samples of profile/layout drawings and basic concepts), Type of Yachts, Yacht design criteria that constitute different yacht types, Yacht Styling, Description of Yacht Interior Design Principles, Boat Building Materials, Yacht Geometry, Sketch Works on Profile, Layout and Cross-Section Drawings, Creating 3D Drawings of Yacht Design Project, Drawing Interior Design Into Cross-Section Drawings In Yacht Design Project, Presentation of Yacht Designs In The Project”. In the second section of Yacht Design I, all students design or redesign their own projects by creating layout, cross-section and 3D drawings.

Yacht Design II’ class mainly focuses on developing and designing a yacht concept on a computer-based drawing. In this course, students are expected to create more comprehensive yachts designs, and to use 3D drawing and rendering principles of boat building.

There are few examples from student projects of yacht design classes: