Who am I?

Based on significant industrial professional experience for more than 20 years and academic researches, I dedicated my work in the field of industrial design and design management in professional practice and academic life. I have been collaborating with many manufacturing companies from diverse industries such as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Boat/Yacht Building, Aluminium Accessories,..ect. as an industrial designer and design consultant since 2000.

Being a full time design researcher and Assistant Professor in Bahçeşehir University enabled to transfer my academic and professional knowledge to new generations. I have been conducting many courses in undergraduate programme including “Industrial Design Studio”,” Computer Aided Design”, “Sea Vehicles Design”, “Technical Drawing” courses and; “Strategic Design” in graduate programme for master students.

I received my BID, MSc and PhD from Istanbul Technical University Graduate School of Engineering and Technology, Industrial Product Design Programme in Turkey. My research focuses on various patterns of design management capability development in GVCs, strategic use of design and my earlier research on the use of design audits. I am also actively involved in auditing the Design Centers of companies, which applied for government incentives, on behalf of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Technology.